Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services In King George, VA

At New Again Restoration, we are the one-stop-shop for commercial & residential customers seeking reliable pressure washing services. Pressure washing tools use highly pressurized water to rid your hard surfaces of stains, smudges, build-up, and dirt layers. After completing a pressure cleaning service, you will notice that your surfaces and siding will glisten with a new pristine shine. If you are interested, contact us for availability and pricing for our pressure washing services! 

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    NOTE: All online and phone estimate are approximated and subject to change.


Contact us and request an estimate for our pressure washing and home detailing services.
We proudly serve King George, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

We are open year-round, don't hesitate to book a service during the wintertime! If we can get water out of the faucet, we are able to provide services.

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