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Home Decorating & Office Designing Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Transform your living or work space into something new by contacting our company in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for home decorating services and office designing.

Home & Office Decorating

Make your home the envy of your neighbors when we transform your rooms with items you already own. Our goal is to showcase the unique features of your rooms and your entire house. We do this to highlight areas such as:

• Fireplaces • Crown Molding • High Ceilings

Dining Room Staging Real Estate

Redesign Tips

At Decorating & Staging by Vermelle, we offer redesign tips and tricks as well as color consultations to achieve neutrality (lighter wall colors, neutral furniture, family photos, and personalization). For instance, buyers gravitate toward neutral colors. Today's neutral colors include warm beige, browns, nudes, tans, grays, and more contemporary colors.

Home & Office Staging      

Staging creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that appeals to buyers and help make a great first impression. We know what it takes to make your property sell at the maximum dollar amount for the least amount of time on market. . We help you make your house more desirable to buyers . We provide furniture rearrangement or selection of new furniture. In addition, we stage vacant homes with furniture, window coverings, accessories, bedding, and everything to make the space warm and inviting.

What is Home Staging

Should you wish to have Vermelle spend time with you to share ideas, select paint colors, suggest upgrades, or make suggestions for Staging your property, you may wish to schedule a Consultation. 

Consultation Package #1 Fee 200.00

A Staging Crew will visit your home and recommend changes that will make your home ready for the market. During the visit, the staging crew will evaluate the property and discuss Color, Continuity, Theme, Traffic Flow and Curb Appeal. Furniture and presence of clutter will also be discussed. You will tour your home with the staging crew changes and recommendation will be identified. This verbal consultation makes it possible to begin your staging tasks immediately. It is recommended that you take notes that you will have your personal checklist however, recommendations will be outlined and sent to you Via Email.  


Consultation Package #2 Staging Home With Existing Belongings. Fee will be Estimated

  If you have an abundance of furniture and decorativeaccessories that can be used to present the home at itsbest,this option is for you. Our staging Crew will stage your home with what you already have in your home. A Verbal Consultation (Package #1) and a cost estimate for the actual staging will be prepared. A Design Plan will then be created and you may be asked to make your home ready for Staging by packing certain items, storing pieces of furniture and making minor repairs. The Staging Crew will perform the actual job of Staging the home by repositioning furniture,hanging art work and placing decorative accessories. When the Crew leave your home, it will be ready for Open House. While the home is on the market, suggestions will be given to those living in the home to maintain the Staged look.  

Consultation Package #3 Staging Home With your own Furniture & Our Accessories. Fee will be Estimated.

This is an ideal option for those who already have appropriate furniture however, would benefit from having contemporary and fresh accessories such as bed linens, art, lighting and greenery all provided by Decorating & Staging by Vermelle Rental Inventory. We assess the property then create a cost estimate for the work, schedule a day for Staging and at that time furniture will be repositioned or stored and decorative accessories from Decorating & Staging by Vermelle will be positioned according to the Design plan. The home will be ready to be placed on the market.


Consultation Package #4 Rental Furniture

This option is for vacant and Model homes. Furniture from a furniture rental company is arranged for and decorative accessories are provided for rental from Decorating & Staging by Vermelle. The space will be analyzed by observing the architecture,choice of flooring,unique features and paint colors. Measurements and photos will be taken and you may be asked for a floor plan.

The Staging Crew will prepare a cost estimate after meeting with you delivered via Email which will include our Staging fee for the Creation and implementation of the design and rental fees for furniture and decorative accessories

Residential and Commercial Staging

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